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My philosophy of teaching is quite similar to my philosophy of singing:

With a good understanding of technique and your body, you should be able to sing anything! It is one of my greatest joys to help my students sing anything and everything under the sun; we work on classical art song, opera, contemporary classical repertoire, baroque music, folk music, musical theatre, rock, pop, country, jazz, R&B, and more! I aim for uniformity and ease across the vocal registers, and work with my students on a release of tongue and jaw tension, calm and relaxed inhalation, a solid support system, and much more.


While I believe wholeheartedly that singing is a holistic experience, I aim for sound technique first, above all else. I believe that feeling confident in your technique offers you freedom to make any performing choice you wish!


Whether you’re preparing for college, Broadway, or your neighborhood karaoke, I would love to help you become the best singer you can be!

Please contact me for information about lessons.

Packages and individual lessons are available.

All lessons are currently virtual.

"Cheron’s singing ... glowed with inviting warmth."

                                                             - Boston Classical Review

I started taking lessons with Carrie after a more-than-30-year hiatus from vocal instruction. With patience and creativity, Carrie brought me back to singing, and made me feel confident about my vocal skills. She expertly identified the elements of my previous vocal instruction that it made sense to retain, while helping me to recraft other areas in light of my current vocal abilities and goals. Most importantly, she helped me put the joy of singing back into my life.

-HR, Adult Student

Carrie Cheron is one of the rare examples of someone who is as wonderful a professional as they are a human being.
 Being her student has been a true blessing.
 She has helped me make great strides with my voice, pinpointing the elements of my singing habits that cause me trouble, and explaining effectively how to improve them.

 Carrie is an amazing musician and educator, and I could not recommend her more for other students.

-LIS, Private student

My initial interest in working with Carrie was piqued by her impressively diverse résumé and stunning voice. As a classically trained singer and folk musician, I was looking for someone who knew how to tailor the skills and habits I built throughout school while guiding my growth in contemporary styles. From our very first lesson, I knew working with Carrie would be special. Not only is she whip smart and encyclopedic in her knowledge of the vocal mechanism, she also has a brilliant ear for detecting the root of a vocal challenge. Most importantly, Carrie is an extraordinary educator in the way she cares for her students. In the year we've worked together, I have found more ease, consistency, and fluidity in my singing and a much better relationship with my voice--and moreover--myself. I am so blessed to have Carrie on my team.

-EW, Professional Musician and Private Student

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